Participant that born during the years of 1998 and later will enjoy a RM5 discount for both 10km Individual. (become RM55). For Group Registration of 4 (10km), there will be a RM5 discount up for each teenager in the group (up to RM20).

*This discount do not apply on 5km individual and family run.

It's two months left until RUN PEOPLE RUN-Charity Run!!!
Are you excited? ;)

We are having a SHARE-AND-WIN contest in Facebook! All you have to do is

1. like this page and share this post,
2. take a picture of you (and your friends) with the theme RUN, and
3. post the photo with creative captions and the hashtags #RunPeopleRun , #RPR & #BMSMKajang!

So, are you wondering what is so special about this contest? Lucky winners can enjoy the privilege of

-FEE WAIVER for an individual (we will refund if paid)
-CASH VOUCHER for spending at the booths on event day

What are you waiting for?!

*Contest ends at 1st of August 2016 00:00
**The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the prizes. If necessary, changes may be made to its content, method and organization before or during the event, insofar as these changes do not substantially diminish the described benefits of the event for the participant.